Suzanne Brandreth and Ron Eckel Acquire Cooke International

Dean Cooke and Sally Harding, owners of The Cooke Agency Inc. and The Cooke Agency International announce today that they have concluded negotiations for the sale of the foreign rights branch of their agency, The Cooke Agency International.

Dean and Sally are pleased to announce that The Cooke Agency International (Cooke International) has been acquired by Suzanne Brandreth and Ron Eckel who have been with the company since it was formed almost seven years ago. For the last three years or more, Suzanne and Ron have been responsible for the day-to-day operations of Cooke International.

Cooke International was founded September 1, 2009 to provide services as foreign rights representatives for domestic publishers and agents. Cooke International represents a growing list of clients including Rick Broadhead & Associates, ChiZine Publications, The McDermid Agency, Penguin Random House Canada, Small Beer Press, and others.

Both Dean and Sally will remain owners of the literary agency, The Cooke Agency Inc., and will continue to personally represent their extensive list of authors. Suzanne and Ron will continue to represent their own authors through The Cooke Agency Inc., as well as all their valued clients at Cooke International.

Dean Cooke said, “Sally and I are proud to pass ownership of Cooke International into the hands of our trusted longtime employees. It’s important to offer new challenges and opportunities to senior co-workers like Suzanne and Ron, who now become fellow business owners as well as valued colleagues. We feel this is the natural, logical next step in their impressive careers and for Cooke International.”

Ron Eckel adds, “Suzanne and I are so pleased to be picking up the baton from Sally and Dean, who did a marvelous job with the initial launch of the foreign rights arm of their agency, and we look forward to continuing our close collaboration with them, as well as Cooke International’s agency and publisher clients. It’s exciting.”

Rick Broadhead [Proprietor, Rick Broadhead & Associates, Toronto, Canada] said, “Cooke International has been an essential—and invaluable—partner for my literary agency, taking my business and my clients to new heights in the foreign rights marketplace. I'm fortunate to have developed a close working relationship with Ron and Suzanne during the past three years, and I look forward to collaborating with them in their new ownership roles and building on the wonderful success we’ve achieved together.”

Francis Geffard [Department Director, Editions Albin Michel, Paris, France] said, “As many of my international colleagues, I really appreciate working with Suzanne Brandreth and Ron Eckel, and to say that they are committed to the writers and books they represent would be an understatement. So it is a great joy to learn that they are both becoming the new owners of Cooke International, I wish them the best in this new adventure and look forward to more exciting projects together.”

Marianne Schönbach [Proprietor, Marianne Schönbach Literary Agency, Amsterdam, The Netherlands] said, “When I took over an agency myself in 2008, The Cooke Agency and Suzanne Brandreth became my clients. We have developed not only a wonderful working relationship, based on enthusiasm and strong commitment to authors, but a warm friendship as well, which now includes Ron Eckel. I am more than thrilled that Suzanne and Ron have taken the big step of becoming the owners of Cooke International. Their approach to international markets is very personal, focused on intensifying the bonds between foreign publishers and Canadian authors. I am very much looking forward to continuing our cooperation with their new enterprise, and I wish them all the best.”