Alex Marshall's A War in Crimson Embers Earns High Praise

Fans of A BLADE OF BLACK STEEL and A CROWN FOR COLD SILVER will be thrilled to hear that Alex Marshall's A WAR IN CRIMSON EMBERS, the last title in the Crimson Empire trilogy, was published in English last week! The book has already been positively received by reviewers.

“Ragged, sharp edged, and expansively flawed Zosia is still the center of the story, but Marshall broadens the story and gives her far-flung friends and enemies more depth and time in the spotlight. The heroes and villains now face brutal extremities, including literal hells, that flay them open and expose every bit of bravery and evil within them; these personal developments are as cataclysmic as the epic final battle. This is a must-read for fans of Marshall and the Crimson Empire’s antiheroes.” —Publishers Weekly

“While the conclusion will have heavy consequences for the protagonists in unexpected ways, this action-packed, fast-paced dark epic fantasy will satisfy readers impatiently awaiting george r.r. martin’’s next opus.” —Library Journal

“One of the most remarkable things about the Crimson Empire trilogy is just how awful Marshall lets things get. These are books that revel in misery and mayhem; they’re spotted with the gallows humor you’d expect, but also with descriptions of bloodshed and depictions of violence that will make your skin crawl. . . . This whipsaw narrative style is part of what makes the Crimson Empire trilogy so much fun, even as the action grows so very dark. That, and that all the devils here are, despite their worst intentions, so damned likable. A War in Crimson Embers serves as the perfect finale for a series in which just about everyone plays the villain, if only, because, just this once, all of the devils are fighting on the same side.” —Barnes & Noble