Elianos, 21. Szazad, Sonia Draga, Topseller, Vulkan, and Ikar have acquired, at auctions, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese excl. Brazil, Serbian, and Slovak rights, respectively, to Anonymous’ The Kingfisher Secret, a political thriller inspired by whispers within the intelligence community and featuring a controversial and wealthy tycoon who is running for President of the United States. The deals were arranged by Ron Eckel at Cooke International, working in association with Nike Davarinou at Read n’ Right, Orsi Meszaros at Katai & Bolza, Agata Zabowska at Book/lab, Maru de Montserrat at International Editors’ Co., Vuk Perisic at PLIMA, and Kristin Olson at Kristin Olson Literary Agency, on behalf of Jared Bland at McClelland & Stewart. Rights previously sold in Germany to Heyne, in Italy to Longanesi, in Spain to Planeta, and in the UK to Century.