Elika Editrice, Alexandra Kiado, and Futami Shobo have acquired World Italian, World Hungarian, and World Japanese rights, respectively, to Michael Matthews’ bestselling fitness guide, Bigger Leaner Stronger. The deal was arranged by Hana El Niwairi at Cooke International, working in association with Federica Graceffa at The Italian Literary Agency, Orsi Meszaros at Katai & Bolza, and Nami Horiike at The English Agency Japan, on behalf of Rick Broadhead & Associates. Rights previously sold to Faro in Brazil, China Machine Press for Simplified Chinese characters, Talent Sport in France, Narayana in Germany, Daesung Publishing in Korea, JK in Poland, Eksmo in Russia, Editorial Paidotribo in Spain, Citadella in the Slovak Republic, Epsilon in Turkey, and Rosebooks in Vietnam.

Rights to bestseller Jordan B. Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaoshave been sold in 39 territories, including: Minerva in Albania; to GNEZDOTO in Bulgaria; to Argo in the Czech Republic; to Politikens in Denmark; to Aripaev in Estonia; WSOY in Finland; to Michel Lafon in France; to Key Books in Greece; to 21. Szazad Kiado in Hungary; to Gramedia in Indonesia; to Sella Meir in Israel; to Asahi in Japan; to TYTO Alba in Lithuania; to Monsudar in Mongolia; to Gyldendal Norsk in Norway; to Lua de Papel in Portugal; to Editura Trei in Romania; to Progress Kniga in Russia; to Publik Praktikum in Serbia; to Slovensky Tatran in the Slovak Republic; to Planeta in Spain (Spanish and Catalan rights); to Mondial in Sweden; to Common Master Press in Taiwan; to Amarin in Thailand; to Pegasus in Turkey; and to Nash Format in Ukraine. The deals were arranged by Suzanne Brandreth and Hana El Niwairi at Cooke International on behalf of Sally Harding at CookeMcDermid.